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Pixel Art / [C+C] Janus Clacher, the Grinning Traveler
« on: March 30, 2017, 08:20:21 am »
Another design for something I'm working on that I want a second opinion on.

This is Janus Clacher!

He's supposed to be a reality hopper, colluding with other incarnations of himself from across various realities to reclaim and research the game's setting, the mysterious Complex. As such, I'm going for a kind of cheerful yet very callous sort, someone who doesn't flinch even at their own potential death because of how in-tune they are with the fractal nature of reality.
A nice dude, but DANGEROUSLY reckless and more than a bit unhinged.

Goals for the design are to indicate his ever-present mania, cheerful nature, and friendly attitude while also hinting at his wild recklessness, scientific inclinations, and unhinged personality.

Basically imagine if Rick Sanchez had his personality completely inverted, but with his core "Everything is meaningless, devote yourself to science" point of view left unchanged.

(Also, the character on the left is there for size reference. Janus is a very abnormally tall, skinny person, so I'm trying to keep him a head above even the taller characters in the game. The woman on the left is supposed to be around 6 feet.)

Unpaid Work / A strange request (art trade)
« on: March 27, 2017, 08:12:18 pm »
So, bit of an odd one here, wasn't quiiiite sure where to put this.
Essentially, I'm working on a game right now (first one!) but am having trouble meeting the character to the vision in my head.
I'm still learning muscle groups and how to stylize certain attributes right now, and unfortunately the main character falls pretty squarely into my weakest bits.

In essence, she's supposed to be kind of a suspicious-looking mercenary type of woman, someone who doesn't really care about her appearance too much and would probably be slightly unpleasant to be around.

Problem is, I only managed to get her looking right in her movement sprites, seen below:

But then as soon as I try to get a ref made, I'm only able to get the face looking sort of ok:

Normally I'd be posting this to critique to try and really GET THIS as fast as possible, but right now I really want to focus on getting the game in working order before I start doing that.

Since I'm an especially-broke dinghole right now, I'm offering an art trade here in lieu of my ability to pay. Since it's compensating for something I'm artistically unable to do, I'm more than willing to do a couple works in return for the help. If you think you'd be capable and willing of getting this frumpy merc woman done up for me, I'd deeply appreciate the help!

Thanks, and have a rad day.

Pixel Art / JerryTerry Avatar animation [c+c]
« on: March 23, 2017, 06:11:23 am »
Tapped my friend JerryTerry for some pictures to practice faces some more, I think it came out alright but there's always room for improvement.

This is all about catching onto the minor stuff, so if I messed up any part of the contours or shapes here lemme know.

Portfolios / Spoiled Mystery Meat, Purveyor of Pixels!
« on: March 20, 2017, 06:57:15 am »

Pleased to make your acquaintance, friend!

Who am I? Well, I'm Riotmode! I'm also Spoiledmysterymeat!
And I am ALSO an artiste.
Not just ANY artist, though, oh no! I have some VERY SPECIFIC skills and abilities that may be of use to any who might be able to make use of me!

Let's stroll down the list, shall we?

You've got small pixels, so suit your size limitation consternations:

You've got LARGE pixels, for those with greater scope of imagination!

You've also got nice animation:

And things that defy explanation!

Style, creativity, and no shortage of grace...

...And character designs, to give those concepts a face!

(Oh yeah, and I also do tilesets too sometimes. Woo!)

So, silly introduction done, I'm Mysterymeat, also known in SOME circles as riotmode! I'm a freelance pixel-artist, animator, character designer, and otherwise Jack-of-all-Trades who you even might see break into coding and game production!
Before I can even START on that, though, boy's gotta eat!

My prices can be found over on my blog, along with some other samples of my work! Click the blinking sign and be whisked away to my fashionable and easy-to-read price chart!

As you can tell from the above, I tend to gravitate towards the stylistic and unsettling quite a bit with my personal work. In general, assume nothing's off the table when it comes to things I'll draw!*I do reserve the right to refuse certain projects, of course
I'm capable of mimicking a rather wide variety of pixel artstyles, have on occasion handled art direction for medium-sized game projects, and I've got a decent string of satisfied customers who can back me up on my abilities!

So, in short: please consider me for any artistic needs you may have!

(Oh, yes, I'm also available for voiceacting and writing help.)


I do portraiture now! Like this boopin' gif of the esteemed JerryTerry!

I also do movement sprites, for use in your game projects!

Pixel Art / Man on Fire [C+C]
« on: March 19, 2017, 07:07:53 am »

Got a mental image I felt like drawing, I'm not 100% on the final product so I'm gonna pop this in here! Big problems I have are a slightly-abstracted concept of 3d space, something I realized I'm not fully down on when I tried to do a painting a day ago. Any advice for starting on that kind of topographical stuff is good, but more immediate crits on the piece are also welcome!

Tried to play around with colors and composition a lot here too, going for a kind of intense, stressful, and angry vibe with it.

From my notes made when I had the idea:
Face leaning forward with bugged-out stare, fire emanating from top and back of skull as if head is exploding outwards in a strong wind or quick movement. Heavy use of orange and red with dark brown/black background

(colors tweaked to include blues and greys, for contrast and a better look hopefully)

So, recently I've become totally fed up with Wacom and it's drivers, in relation to my intuos 4. While the hard product itself is great, the drivers are absolutely terrible as they currently are.
While they are working they operate fine: responsive, accurate, and good pressure sensitivity. However, they inevitably wind up crashing or just vanishing by day's end and getting them back up is an inconsistent and unfortunately regular necessity. Fixes range from soft-rebooting the driver to a full wipe and reinstallation, seemingly at random, and customer support is kind of useless since there's currently not a permanent fix to these problems and, given the history of this persistent issue, probably won't be. (I want to be wrong but it's been this long without a fix...)
It's like having to pop your hood open and jiggle part of your engine back into place every time you want to use your car, but without the option of getting a mechanic to fix it.

It's frustrating, and despite the quality of the physical product I'm tired of having to deal with the incompetence of their programmers.

In short:

So, I want to start a general discussion thread on tablets, specifically alternatives to Wacom that are comparable in quality or, at least, more reliable!

Hello, I've been commissioned to do sprite work for a game someone's working on, and they're looking to find some good tile-sets they can use, since they can't afford to purchase 100% original art for the game!
Does anyone know where we can find some cheap / inexpensive tileset packs to work with? We're shooting for a forest environment, but in the interest of the thread being more generally useful I'm not going to shoot down other environments either!

Pixel Art / Bubbly cadaver woman! [C+C]
« on: October 19, 2016, 07:32:29 am »
I'm working on a character for an ongoing project of mine (ongoing meaning "Developing so slow my computer's starting to grow moss") and I'm designing one of the recurring characters.
The running theme of the game is horrible monsters in mundane situations, and I'm having to do a surprising amount of fiddling with outfit designs to get the proper feel out there. She's supposed to be kind of a bubbly type, sort of that stoner chick a lot of people know.

Does anyone have some advice for how to dress her up a bit better? I could also use advice for creating turnarounds, I find it pretty hard to keep things consistent with them and I've no idea why!

No clothes

"Beta" clothes

Pixel Art / [CC] An excercise in sea monster redesigns
« on: September 22, 2016, 09:00:07 am »
So today I decided to give a crack at redesigns, with the goal of making whatever I chose more horrific!
 this was the result:

This piece was based off this creature here, which according to what I was told isn't in fact supposed to be blue but instead the colors I put:

I'm looking for both mechanical and idea criticisms, I was hoping to keep the general idea of it (squishy chubby baby sea monster) but introduce just enough horrible to it to foster a sense of "yeah no I don't want to be around this thing" for lack of a better description.

EDIT: uploaded the wrong version! whoops!

Animation / Animated Pogo Man
« on: August 29, 2016, 09:31:23 am »
So, i'm working on a rather large commission (for me, at least) and it involves this man pogoing past a group of people.

I'm not quite sure how to make this look better, however. I've spent a lot of time on it and I can't quite get the whole of it to look right.
Any suggestions?

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