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Re: [WIP]Wee People

Reply #10 on: February 11, 2010, 11:11:39 am
One thing that I think has been missed (perhaps due to my vagueness) is the prominence of 3/4 angles. It dominates both LSL and Hey Arnold's characters. Take a look at that pic you linked again, note that every character is in a 3/4 angle. This gives you much more to work with in showing the volumes, since you don't have shading to help you. Also note the dominance of curves. Nearly every single line is a curve in that image.

NaCl has it correct: what I was trying to say with my post was that many things that are "cartoony" are built rigorously on concepts of form. They have to be, or animation would be a nightmare. Form and lines of action, both very important, both lacking in your pieces currently.

Looking forward to update :)

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Re: [WIP]Wee People

Reply #11 on: February 12, 2010, 12:24:44 am
Please don't assume I'm trying to substitute kindness with learning and understanding. I am not one of those people who get set in their ways and don't wish to learn anything, I greatly appreciate all tips, advice and C&C and take to heart rather then saying oh you guys don't know what you are talking about. I joined the boards to learn and progress in my pixel art, not to act like a know-it-all or anything near it I love the skills, and techniques you guys show in your art, and want to draw from that so I can too be that gifted in PA.

I think we all somewhat drew things from the text that wasn't there, and I would like to apologize if I came off in the wrong way, or disregarded something you said because that was not intended at all. I appreciate you all for taking the time out to even look at my art and have the knowledge to point out to me things that could be changes, or enhanced. I know we all have our own art style, so with the C&C it may be something we would implement into our own work, but we also have to remember that our imaginations and perspectives work differently and we may see something totally different than someone else does. While I may take inspiration from someone else work I in no way want to clone it, I simply want to make it my own style.

Once again I apologize if anything I said came out the wrong way than intended, I am a really humble guy but sometimes the way I type something may sound different in my head than it appears in text form. Thank you all again and I look forward to more tips, and C&C on my work.


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Re: [WIP]Wee People

Reply #12 on: February 12, 2010, 01:04:21 am
Pixelation will put hairs on your chest. Just roll with the punches and you'll come out a better artist.

I'll reiterate what the others said: it needs more contrast and brighter colors. These are very dull and washed out. These characters should really pop.