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Project ROSE

on: January 31, 2010, 01:57:16 am
  So as of late I have been trying harder to attempt creating something. My head hurts. Anyways, recently i had this idea, as such of  a character, wich is Rose, being the star of all the Project ROSE games, wich i plan on being very different from each other. I'll begin with a Platform game, as well as I'm already planning my next one (wich will, sadly, be on RPG Maker, since I have no spare time to learn hard languages, I have a part-time job, school, home to clean, 2 baby-sisters to take care of.... So don't kill me for using RPG maker... 2oo3.), I can't hold on, as I am anxious and I can't stop having Ideas.I've started creating the sprites for Project ROSE (Wich i might as well cal Storyteller ROSE, but it sounds awkward, tough it does have a much better meaning), and here they are. I have created them today, and I'll update here daily. I'm doing this for experience, so I can have something to show off, and have a chance at the Job Offer subforum (I want to show my parents that Pixel Art acctually IS worth something, especially with my uncle working at ubisoft... Actually, since my mother has really a bad concept of pixel art, this really doesn't help at all.)

Um, so, this is all I can tell about project ROSE and me, I guess. Here are the sprites for avail.

I'll update daily. If it's a big update, i'll bump, but if not... (I consider a big updare, a whole sheet with about 50+ frames of something, a major rehaul or concept towards a stage, etc.)

I have more, but i don't think they're presentable, as of yet. Thanks for the patience of reading, people, I hope you like my project. And yes, you can see I'm a little afraid ^^'