AuthorTopic: I still hate girls.  (Read 9569 times)

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Re: I still hate girls.

Reply #20 on: January 07, 2010, 06:08:47 pm
I feel kinda ungrateful saying that you're wrong, it's just that I've never ever ever seen a girl in real life with hips wider than her shoulders, and it's not that I just wasn't looking for it, I have specifically looked for that ratio. Also, could you show me how the ref's hips are as wide as her shoulders? I don't see it.

HOWEVER! You unearthed the fact that I downplayed her right leg quite a bit. I also messed up a little bit on her left leg, but the dress masked it.

I'm not sure if it helped with that hipless feeling. I'm just kinda guessing with the fabric.  :blind:

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Re: I still hate girls.

Reply #21 on: January 07, 2010, 09:45:36 pm
Well, ok.  Hips wider than shoulders is rare, but hips as wide as shoulders is common.

The widest point on the hips occurs at the top of the thighs, going across the groin.  In the linked picture the widest point of the shoulders is wider than the widest of the hips, but not by much.  I think it would be less than 1 pixel at the size you're using.

Ref 1:  (large image, nude)

Your reference pic:

Difficult to measure accurately because of the twist in the pose and the hair, but she has a slightly more hourglass figure than the woman in the ref pic I linked above.

I measure about 72 pixels across the shoulders (maybe as high as 75 pixels), 63 at the top of the hips, and 72 again at the bottom of the hips (maybe as low as 70). 

At what should be the widest point is roughly 40 pixels from edge to centerline, so maybe as high as 79 or so at the widest point, but this has a lot of error in the measure.   

So yeah, hips = shoulders in width is a good rule of thumb for women.

Also, your reference pic has her hip further to the right than her shoulder (blue line), while you've got the hip far to the inside of the shoulder.  How closely do you want to match the reference pose?