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Pretty awesome Pixel Art App for iPhone

on: November 14, 2009, 08:31:46 pm
So I've been looking around for a decent pixel art app for my iPhone for a bit. Found a few, but most seemed to have pretty lousy interfaces, or inadequate toolsets. 32x32 seemed alright for simple stuff, but as I found out, the actual drawing control scheme is pretty tedious. Finally found a really full-featured one, though, after scrolling through a stupid amount of search results in the appstore for "pixel".

Edge Touch, by Takabo Soft. It supports layers, layer grouping, animation, palette editing (with realtime visual updates, a la pro motion, and a choice between RGB and HSL sliders), full 8-bit palette, up to 256x256 canvas, and a handy mini-window in the corner that shows your art at 1x, 2x, or 4x at all times (i really appreciate this last one). There's also the usual line tool, rectangle, circle, fill, etc. The only thing that's currently missing is, damningly, a lack of proper export (the only available option is export to photo library... which gives you a jpg. -_-).

Found a workaround, though, for now. Zoom all the way out to 1x, then take a screenshot (press the home and power buttons together), which saves a png of the screen. You can then get it to your computer and crop accordingly. Hardly ideal, but it's workable for now. I've emailed the devs to see if they plan on supporting export to png/gif via email in a future update.

took a screenshot of the app. Palette is drag-scrollable (you can also opt to not display it), and you can set which index is the background color.

Just got an email back from the dev, and the next update will have sync functionality via a Windows client (no mac yet), and he's working on email export as well, both methods will net you PNG files. :y:

The socket is communicated between the
Windows software(EDGE touch Utility) and iPhone/iPod touch,
and the function to send and receive the picture file (PNG)  is being tested.

When it is technically possible, I want to mount the mail attached function.
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