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Game WIP Arena

on: September 15, 2009, 12:05:35 am
hey guys, my brother and i are working on a game called Arena (name may change if already taken) essentially it's a top-down (or mostly top-down, some were shifted a little to give the viewer more knowledge of what it was) multiplayer shooting game, he's in charge of the programming (and doing a fine job at it) and the game will have in-game lighting.  my job is the graphics, i need to make lots of objects, and a destroyed version of each (since a large idea of the game is destroying everything)  most notable is that i'm not exactly professional, i don't make a sketch before-hand (no tablet and i'm not terribly good at drawing anyway) and each object has mostly black lines around it (which i may leave in the game). thus, a grain of salt that i may not be able to fix everything you point out.  also, there is no color limitation in this game.

i used several images off of google images for references, and i can upload most of them if needed.

cash registers (cash register 2 not broken yet)

weapon pickups (not to scale)

"ifruit" store (font not by me)

thanks for your time!

he hobbles and hobbles.

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Re: Game WIP Arena

Reply #1 on: September 16, 2009, 01:41:07 pm
Cash registers - look good. However, I didn't notice the money until I zoomed up. Maybe you should try a brighter green or outlines or something? There's also some pillow shading going on there -- the light source does not appear consistent. I liked the way you did the keys, though!

Guns - those are basically a bunch of colored outlines... you should try to give them a feeling of volume. The shading once again doesn't appear consistent. And I've noticed your colors appear to be lighter and darker versions of the same colors, add some hue shifting to it :D

I really don't like the dithering texture you did on the baseball bat, though. The colors you chose might be too contrasting and it doesn't give a feeling of wood, but of, uh... copper grating?