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Bilou's woods : New demo available.

on: September 10, 2009, 07:57:49 am
You might remember the thread were i was looking for guidance to improve the pixel art in my little forest, starring a blue ball, a mad mushroom, etc.

Well, here comes at last the new playable demonstration of my game engine on the Nintendo DS and a two-level game featuring Bilou, my blue and round mascot. Dodge angry applemans, avoid getting stomped by the funky funghis and collect enough apples to pass through the tree-with-a-sign (see picture on the left).

You move Bilou (the blue hero) with the Dpad and jump with X or Y. Only yellow Woodworms can be stomped for now.
full featureslist, credits and release note on my blog. You'll need either a linker (R4 tested fine) or a DS emulator (desmume 0.7.3 on ubuntu linux tested fine) to run the game.

This is still work in progress, including on the graphic aspect, but your comments are welcome.
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