AuthorTopic: [Wip] House for my game  (Read 1970 times)

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[Wip] House for my game

on: September 07, 2009, 01:36:54 am
Here a house i'm working on for my game, pretty happy with the overall shape of it, kind of wanted it to have a more cartoony shape(similar to the windows) but thought it may be to much so im using this for the moment. Not sure what kind of texture to use for it, i wanted it to be made of a stone like material, maybe even stacked stones but i've never been that great with textures so if any of you had any ideas on that. The roof is pretty much finished i'll add some steam coming out of the pipes later. Also a big part of this building was the gears protruding from the face of it and spinning, i'm not very happy with the way it looks at the moment and am not really sure how to fix it since i just recently started trying to do alot of animations, this building is a workshop the main character will use so i wanted to convey that kind of mechanic type look to it(gonna add some spare parts to the sides in a later edit) its also the home of one of the main support characters in the story. I'd like to get the building textures and any lineart problems out of the way before i move on to adding things to it. Any critiques welcome :)