AuthorTopic: [WIP]Platformer thingy  (Read 2972 times)


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[WIP]Platformer thingy

on: August 22, 2009, 09:37:03 pm

This is just a random backdrop. I'm concerned that I'm not fully understanding colors to their full potential. I also think that I'm not fully understanding dithering, I think I'm over using an already overused  technique. The top platform needs some sort of definition, I know, I'm trying to represent slabs of flat rock rather than the boulders seen on lower levels. In the negative space I'm thinking about adding pines or furs or some sort of forest. Just a couple of visible trees and some above the main platform in the distance, but not to obstruct the view of the mountain. Would vines work? Hanging from the rocks, that is? I'll add tuffs of grass and flowers later. The more I ponder this over the option of mock-up is ever so tempting.     
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Re: [WIP]Platformer thingy

Reply #1 on: August 23, 2009, 06:22:53 am
sorry my cretique isnt on anything you asked for cretique on, but I did a quick edit

I think it would look better if you gave the rocks some depth like I did by showing the side or something, but you would have to just do it alot better than it is in my edit.  And the water was just something I thought would make it look better but maybe thats not what youre going for, but I felt it added a bit of depth to the picture.  Also I think its wierd how the clouds go up to follow the shape of the mountain.
The rocks could be improved though, maybe you could add more contrast by making the darkest color inside the rocks (not the dark color connecting the rocks) a little darker.  Maybe you could add some more geometric lines inside the rocks.  Sorry I guess its sort of hard to explain how to improve it though.