AuthorTopic: Website idea for pixel artists and game-developers  (Read 6763 times)

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Re: Website idea for pixel artists and game-developers

Reply #10 on: June 30, 2009, 02:03:45 pm
Exactly, how many of us make mockups in our spare time? If we just break our mockups up into tiles and then add a three or four frame animations for the characters, we could put the tiles and animations up for sale, and viola, for a small price a programmer now has pretty graphics to polish off their first platformer. It saves the hassle of waiting for the graphics if you have only placeholders, and then I'm sure that if an artist took the effort to put up one set he would probably have put up another one in a pretty similar style because it's the same artist.

It's great because you're getting paid for graphics that would be getting dusty on your hard drive otherwise, and it gets your name out there. If someone has bought tiles of yours they may contact you with an offer to make more.  :)