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Re: dump time

Reply #80 on: June 23, 2009, 01:44:05 am
I like your chap in tubes + vapor-helm-type-spacesuit, though the new darker version is very, very dark and hard to see detail on by comparison (though the colours are cool).

I hope you start dealing with fundamental issues soon and not eye candy because you might find yourself soon to be 25 years old or something and you still won't be able to draw human beings in believable situations and poses with any degree of confidence. Your pixel skills will be all flash and your animations super-tweened, but that'll just be hiding the elementary problems beneath the hood. It's happened to a lot of people.

*feels bad for all us over 25s who didn't actually start pixel art - or any kinda art - until after they were 25*

I don't suppose there's a page somewhere around here saying "Go learn this, this and that, expect it to take at least X years, then come back here and figure out why everyone moved to modelling/vector and how pixel art really isn't as easy or anywhere near as time-efficient as you thought it was LOL" by any chance... XD
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