AuthorTopic: Lineart help with a Lunch Lady boss for my retro 2d shoot'm up! (Updated)  (Read 3770 times)

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You nee to make her a little more womanly, y'know? Bring out the breasts, add to the hips. I took a crack at making some of these edits. I also changed the face around a bit, using one of the shades to give some cheeks and moved some pixels around. I ended up taking out the five o'clock shadow and sideburns as I couldn't get it to work. Hope this gives you some ideas.
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That is a great edit crab!

I was getting ready to just tweak it a bit more, and then move on...but the 'womanly' edits you made are perfect. I'm gonna work on it a little more tonight, and then I really need to get back to the background tiles.

I'll post my edit later on.

Thanks very much guys!