AuthorTopic: 5 simple steps to writing a good constructive post.  (Read 2340 times)

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Follow these, and everyone will be happy.

1. Encourage the persons work.

Fist of all, always, always and always start off by saying something nice of the persons work. We all start out pixeling sometime, and need positive feedback in order to grow as artists.

How would you feel if:

If it happened to be your first piece of art, and someone who thinks it looks like crap and contains 2 million errors, write 20 lines of how bad your work is, and does not give you one single stream of hope that you can become an artist. Well... You might not want to push them pixels some more.

2. Encourage some more.

As human beings, we tend to open up and have a lot easier to receive critics easier when people start out by say something nice to us. So, in other words, say some more positive words about the piece.

3. Add 1-3 crits of the persons piece.

Finally one you've been feeding whatever positive stuff you could find about the persons piece of art, it's time to write them crits.

Now, when you write, make sure to write your critics in an positive way. Never say: "You're worthless at this!", instead, try something like: "If you change it like this it will look better."

4. Clarify what you mean by editing the piece of art.

One picture says more that 1000 words. Edit the persons art, and show him/her what you meant. This is one of the more effective methods you can give positive crit on.

5. End post by saying something nice (optional, but appreciated)

Write something nice again. Like: "Keep up the good work!", "Looking forwart to see next update!".


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Re: 5 simple steps to writing a good constructive post.

Reply #1 on: July 11, 2009, 11:49:54 pm
Cheers for writing down what's in our RULES already.
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