AuthorTopic: Cost of Tilesets?  (Read 2308 times)

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Cost of Tilesets?

on: May 05, 2009, 08:59:11 pm
I am doing a small WWII style strategy wargame (based off an old board game my father and I developed a while back) and was wondering what I should expect to pay for some decent tiles (i.e. something like: ).  I believe this is a world map view from DF ... so obviously it is not zoomed in enough ... I envision the perspective/elevation to be more along the lines of Civ4.  In fact, ultimately i'd like to have the graphics look similar in quality to Civ4.

The game will be based on a 32x32 pixel grid, however in the interest of creating less repetitious graphics for open waters/plains areas, etc... I'm wondering if going with a 64x64 or 96x96 tileset would be better (and just assuming a 32x32 grid underneath).  The other option I'm tossing around is to just have the entire map be one big image, then apply a grid to that image (I'd need to make sure that shorelines, mountains, etc... all fell within 32x32 divisible areas but i'm assuming thats np if the artist knows this up front).

So my question is twofold: what can a person expect to pay to have a 64x64 seamless tile of the quality mentioned above made and secondly, am I correct in assuming that bigger tiles will lead to a better looking end result for a large map?