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on: March 09, 2009, 07:01:10 pm

I haven't pixelled for a looooong time, so I feel really rusty. I hope you guys could help me out here.

I try to have 2 lightsources but the result seems quite a mess and I'm lost what to do with it. The character is supposed to stand in front of a burning kiln, thus the strong key light and the blue light should be the fill / ambient light.


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Re: Mini-me

Reply #1 on: March 13, 2009, 06:52:08 pm
Would be awesome if you went for something more adventurous you know. There's too many graphics artists growing gray in their day jobs and stop going after the motherload of beautiful things in the back of their heads.
While saying this i realize I haven't finished anything big after starting my job, so blergh, i just made myself feel sick.

So currently it's a guy with a bland gray shirt and bland darker gray pants all aligned to horizontal and vertical axises without exploring things limited to perfect angles. The face sort of scares me though, so that's good  :crazy: It's like you're turning into a stone golem, yet you smile while at it... but the smile is sort of smug and empty... haunts me to no end.
Allrighty, so lets use that to our advantage. How about if he's shoveling a large pile, or better yet, a plane that is his life's work into a kiln whilst digging a grave for himself? That's at least something i could relate to, har har  :D
About the colors. The areas lit by the fire could go way warmer. Try and set the mood for the piece by making it really warm all around with the shadows and far bg going colder, but not all the way to clear blue.

some refs

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Re: Mini-me

Reply #2 on: March 13, 2009, 07:51:37 pm
Sorry tero-0, I must concur with huZba. The technical is great, but the subject matter, not compelling. So, despite your "rust" yer skills are intact. There's not much to crit on this guy, but then to offer random ideas and minor nitpicks. Jump off the edge, ditch this lil dude and create something crazy now. That's what I say.