AuthorTopic: General pricing for character sheets? What would it be.  (Read 8058 times)

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Re: General pricing for character sheets? What would it be.

Reply #10 on: February 03, 2009, 06:11:48 pm
Yes, I understand just how much time and dedication will need to be put into the project.

I understand the risks of trying to find multiple artists for the project, but considering the amount of work
that will be involved, it would be impossible to expect it from one person.
250 monsters in 8+ months just isn't possible to be undertaken by a single artist.

Hiring a single person for the entire project would be impossible.
That's 7 completed monsters a week, a monster a day.
People just don't have that sort of time on there hands, no matter what they are being paid,
and are far more likely to run away from the project early because of how much they have to do.

It is integral that there are this many monsters right off the bat.
I've talked with the members I have, and everyone agrees, that if we will be spending this much time on the project,
it should be spent on a project worth working on.
Because as you say, "I would seriously not depend/count on the game making any sort of profit when it is completed".
If it were just another WoW clone like so many commercial MMO companies are creating, there wouldn't be any
point in even starting the project.
But, the game being created will be far more than that, and will certainly be, if accomplished, very capable of making profit.

Moving back to the "If you are not also working on characters, ui, tilesheets/maps, items, effects, etc...I would highly
suggest doing so" quickly.
I totally understand the importance of everything within a game.
So many MMORPG's I have left within minutes, simply because of a bad interface, so I totally see where you come
from with that.
If they don't find it necessary to have a user friendly and understandable GUI, what reason would they have to add
any extra effort on the rest of the game.... they wouldn't have one.
I've played around 50+ MMORPG's, and I have the general experience under my wing to understand just how important
the 'little things' are, and how most companies sadly ignore all of these things.
I already have someone working on characters and tilesheets, and another person working on items, effects.
Still hunting down someone for GUI.
I also have someone writing the beautiful story background (which is integral as there will be a developing quest),
that has already put me in tears multiple times.
And here's an old mockup image for you.
(take note that those monsters aren't in the game, and the house has been redone).

I know just how far away the goal might be, but I also know that if a capable team is gathered,
it will be such an incredibly fantastic project when it is completed.
I figured, I either back down and make some WoW clone that requires no real effort, or give it
my all and accumulate a team able to create a project worthy of being it's own.
As we speak I'm already building the Game design document, and will be for the next 1-2 months.
I'm not saying I'm suppose to be a genius because of this, just thought it was worth mentioning
I recently completed advanced diploma of professional computer game development.
So I do know a bit about the workings of a project ^^;
And how it can go wrong.

I know how great a task I'm trying to accomplish, I also know if I accomplish any less it won't be worthy
of being called a completed project, as I'm not willing to fall into what I hate most MMO companies for,
cloning a game in the hope of making money off there success.
I'm striving to develop a unique MMORPG worth playing, with a team worth working on it, and with
a community worth staying for.