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[WIP] [C+C] Motorhome pixelart

on: January 17, 2009, 07:35:20 pm
I'm currently developing a Flash-based minigame for a motorhome hire website, - the requirements for the game are to be simple to play, minimal controls (preferably the use of the arrow keys and possibly an alphanumerical key) and to advertise the website's produce.

At the moment I've drawn up a motorhome sprite based on the Firebrand vehicle advertised on the website -

And this is the sprite as is, using Arne's 16 colour palette.

I feel the sprite is still incomplete, but I'm unsure as to going about rerendering the sprite. Would it require anti-aliasing, and if so where (and can I keep the dark outline at the same time)? Should the dithering be removed? Should I use a different palette altogether?

Any advice and constructive critique would be appreciated.

EDIT: frame size is 448 x 288 pixels. Comparison picture:
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