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Developing A 32/64 Color Palette

on: December 18, 2008, 08:10:21 pm
I am trying to build a simple, reusable 32/64 color palette, for my retro gaming website,

Firstly, I need to pick whether 32 or 64 is going to be my palette.

Secondly, I need to build a palette that will be very reusable for both the website and for the many games that I will produce.

I appreciate any words of wisdom, thank you!


Here is a ramp of grays (including black and white). There are 7 actualy grays. This is probably perfect for 64 colors, so this will be the foundation for that palette.

And here is a ramp for a 32 color palette:

Both of these palettes use standard increments, the first being 32, the second being 64.

Okay, I'm having a lot of trouble here. I'm still very unsure about 32/64 and as such, I will just develop both for now.

I've been trying mathematical ways of forming a palette, but they all result in poor colors that just don't seem like they will look good. (The blues and the greens I have here were done by taking a picture of a sky, and a picture of grass respectively, adjusting there sat/color, then lowering the color depth. How ever, I worried about how well a palette like this will work out, and the blues didn't turn out very good.)
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