AuthorTopic: Yep, Sword Slashing.  (Read 12423 times)

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Re: Yep, Sword Slashing.

Reply #30 on: December 19, 2008, 04:38:46 pm
I think it will benefit a lot if you consider so-called action lines. It is in russian, but pictures say it all. Growing problem could be solved by reposition body parts - stretch a bit here, a bit there - body doesn't have to follow the sword all the way.

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Re: Yep, Sword Slashing.

Reply #31 on: December 19, 2008, 05:00:56 pm
As some of you are aware, Twinsen's scrapped and I'm starting a new game.
I've got a little bit more experience through twinsen, and it's a lot more interesting this time around.

Anywho, I still feel I don't have a good grasp on weight in animation, and I've been getting some mixed feedback on the new sword slash animation, so I'll just go ahead and throw it up for c+c:

I'd like to keep each slash below 10 frames (real time) for the sake of responsiveness

I like the first sword swing a lot, however if that is for a combo it's a bit slow.  I know it makes the character more interesting to have him inexperienced with the sword, but battles with that combo would be a bit annoying.  The final slash of a combo should be the strongest, and longest of the attack animations but that is a bit too long.  Still I like the method you used to animate it.  I'm specifically talking about the box.  I'm gonna try that now.

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Re: Yep, Sword Slashing.

Reply #32 on: December 20, 2008, 08:42:58 am
I think I'll start again, this time with just a left - right, right - left sequence.
The idea for this little combo is that you can just keep pressing the attack button, with the current animation I think the outcome is too varied not to mention flawed.
(also this would look ridiculous in mid-air)

So yeah, I might salvage parts of the first slash of this existing animation and I'll keep all of your suggestions in mind
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