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Your Business Pitch.

on: July 06, 2010, 04:55:22 pm
I think I'm just too honest or my pessimistic personality leaks onto my pitches.  I'll often get refused and I think it's because I have too many inquiries and ask too many questions while making the whole thing more complicated then the person might want.  Such as asking for screenshots of game styles they like (which I don't copy but use as just help) and asking for an in depth description of their vision of the visuals.  Emails often last like a dozen more responses than needed before I get accepted or refused :P.  I don't think I'd make a good salesman as there's people I know who do half as good at spriting yet get more jobs with their pitches (not that I'm the best or anything).    :crazy:

Should I just start just doing stuff instead of having a quiz like thing?  Maybe be optimistic and smiley faced all the time.  I think I'm too concerned with their vision of something when I can make something just as good or better most of the time.  

What are your pitches like (assuming you pitch)?  

Another reason might be cost but I already charge below minimum wage on average (significantly below).    :blind:

Basically I need some tips. Should I just throw a quote right away and say "yes sir I can do this!" or something like that?

I suck at quotes as I'll usually spend a LOT more time on something to get it perfect and end up making almost nothing for it.  If I over quote I scare people away but that's likely the more realistic quote and I can't compete with some of these people who do stuff for pennies on the dollar. 

I'm not trying to make a huge business out of this and I'm not trying to live on it of course.  I'd just expect to make more than like $1 an hour.   ::)
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Re: Your Business Pitch.

Reply #1 on: July 06, 2010, 11:56:38 pm
Don't be so wordy with clients. Don't write them a novel. Nobody likes that.

You should have a generic questionnaire you can use for all client meetings. I have a 7 question list I go over with people that want websites. It works every time. By the end of the meeting, I have sufficient info to create a visual prototype for them to critique to their liking.

And yeah, be up front about giving them a ballpark figure.  Once you've acquired sufficient client intel you can give a confident flat rate with minor modifications built in. Bill extra for major mods to your work. Calc the hours it'll take you * your hourly rate. USE CONTRACTS. You can find contract templates online somewhere.