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Jumping Sprites?

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I've been working on some graphics for a platform game for a while now and I've somewhat gotten the hang of doing walking sprites, but I realized recently that I don't really have a clue on how to go about making jumping sprites. It seemed like a simple enough thing to do when I first thought about it, and it very well might be, but since I started trying to make them I've had a bit of trouble. betufa

I looked around for tutorials on the subject and couldn't seem to find any, the only times I saw it mentioned was when someone was going for something more realistic with a buildup and a landing for an actual animation rather then a game. When it comes to most of the older platformers they usually were pretty limited when it came to jumping sprites, a lot of the big platformers only used a few, usually one for jumping and one for falling, or sometimes even just one rotated fours times for a flip.

Which big platformers are you talking about, specifically?

I'm no specialist in pixel art (or retro games for that matter), but I think you could pay a visit to The Spriters Resource and check out some sprite sheets for games for the NES up to the Nintendo DS, or even newer games such as The Mummy Demastered, if you can find any (although you can check playthroughs on YT, hitting pause and then advancing frame by frame using "," and "."), depending what you have in mind in terms of style and number of animation frames.

You don't create much anticipation with a jump in a video game, so 1 frame of anticipation is usually enough. Then you would do a up frame, a hovering frame, a down frame and contact frame. That would be some basics that I would probably do. The trick is programming the jump and making the animation correct! Let me know if I'm not coming across clearly.


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