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I am writing as a member of Battle Born, a Skyrim-inspired power metal band from the UK.  We have recently signed on with Prosthetic records and are in the studio now ahead of our next release.

We are being given funding towards music videos, and we picture one of these music videos being entirely pixel-animated.  We want it to look like a classic game the song starts with character selection, then difficulty.  It then becomes a bit of a side scroller with the chosen character (our mascot, a large anthropomorphic bear) hacking away left to right at enemies with his big axe.

We'd like to include cutscenes big landscapes of rolling hills, mountains and a burning city with a dragon flying away in the distance.  We then go to the bear fighting a series of bosses (who would be each of the band members), before having a final face-off against the dragon. 

We are very open in terms of style - please share any portfolios you have and we'd be happy to consider it.

The song is 3:55 so call it 4 minutes long.  I understand from other posts on the site that you typically work by the hour, however I don't know how many hours (days, weeks) this sort of project would take.  In terms of budget, at this point we don't fully know what the label will be giving us, so I am researching now and would like some indicative quotes so I can put a business case together to the label to tell them the ballpark figure and try to get them to agree to fund it.  We obviously won't ask you to commit time to starting the project until we confirm this funding is in place.

Our deadline will be Summer at the earliest, most likely even later than that but this will be confirmed with the label.

Links to the band:



Feel free to message directly on, via our facebook above, or to this thread.

If you need to know anything more, please ask!
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