AuthorTopic: [CLOSED] Background Art for Website Landing Page  (Read 2892 times)

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[CLOSED] Background Art for Website Landing Page

on: January 13, 2022, 03:35:21 pm
Hello my fellow pixel enthusiasts! My partner and I are launching a website for our NFT collection and we are currently looking for an experienced background artist to create a background for the landing page of our website.

About Us
I am the lead artist on our collection we have been developing for the past several months. We are nearing the stage where we are ready to launch, so we are now focusing our attention towards building our homepage. We understand that there is skepticism and hesitancy surrounding NFT projects, however we aim to provide upfront payment, are willing to be flexible & communicative, and we are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have. We have also commissioned art from other Pixelation artists in the past.

Project Details
We are looking for background art that will be used for our vertical-scrolling landing page, meaning the background will need to be in a portrait-style orientation. The canvas size will need to be around 540x960 (I plan to upscale the art to 1080x1920). We've developed a style guide, as well as references, that we can share with you so you will have an idea of the artistic direction and fidelity we have our sights on.
Here is a draft of our website so you can get a quick feel: |

Turnaround Time/Length
We are not on a strict deadline, however we would like to have this commission completed within 2-4 weeks if feasible.

Rates & Payment
We have an established budget and we are looking for experienced artists, so we are able to pay a $30/hr rate. Rates are negotiable and we are happy to be flexible depending on your experience, skill level, and work ethic. As stated earlier, we are happy to provide upfront payment. If we are very satisfied with your work, there is an opportunity to establish a working relationship moving forward.

Feel free to reply below if you are interested. You can also reach out to me at my email (me[at] or contact me via Discord (hackJammer#5382). If you have another preferred method of contact, let us know and we will be happy to oblige. If you are interested in this project and wish to contact us, please include some examples of your work as well.

Thank you all for taking the time to read!
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Re: [PAID] Background Art for Website Landing Page

Reply #1 on: January 14, 2022, 01:32:43 pm
send you friend request in discord (eduardo#6862)