AuthorTopic: need some help with perspective/metal shading  (Read 2140 times)

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need some help with perspective/metal shading

on: October 02, 2008, 11:07:56 pm
Hi.  I am a neophyte pixel editor and might be making appearances around here a lot.

I have been working a lot on animating lately and would like some critique.  I'm pretty much entirely self taught over the course of like 2 weeks now.

Ok, so here's what I have so far:

1) Working on a mine edit for a terranigma rip, but I've just included the tracks themselves which is what I need help with.

What do you think of the metal and the wood?  I feel like they need help.  Also, the rails with the track switch really look like crap.

here's my ref for the switching tracks:
from wiki

Any commentary would help.  I'm working with RPGMaker 2k if that has any relevance.  The perspective I seem to have a lot of trouble with - facing directly left or right is rubbing me the wrong way, but at the same time having them slightly isometric makes it tough to merge the rail together when one is going vertical and one is going horizontal on the same tile (you'll note my weird funky basket looking thing that is supposed to be where the rails meet - top right corner). 

2] I also have this perspective problem with my characters:

Any kind of critique would be great for this, what really irks me is his shoulders and feet position on the left/right anim.