AuthorTopic: Critique of game UI in NES style  (Read 3498 times)

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Critique of game UI in NES style

on: January 06, 2022, 02:03:59 pm
Hi everybody.  I am currently developing a dark fantasy deckbuilding game and would love the feedback of the extremely talented artists on this forum.  I myself am decidedly NOT an artist - I would charitably describe my pixel artwork as "functional" in that I can do a reasonable job at utilizing space and creating some basic shapes, but fall behind when it comes to more artistic endeavors.

For my latest game I am using an NES palette with some slight modifications (some additional browns and purples - the Shovel Knight palette).  To be honest this choice is mainly because limiting myself to a minimal palette allows me to concentrate on the artwork itself and not be constantly agonizing over color choices or adding new colors when I am designing sprites. 

I would appreciate an honest critique of the UI shown in the attached image.  Please note that some aspects of this image (the two character sprites and the background) are NOT my artwork and are placeholder artwork that I grabbed off a google image search.  Please feel free to suggest changes to the UI that you think would be improvements using the NES palette (, or to just suggest more general changes or improvements.  Or tell me I am a moron and I should be using a different palette, that's fine too.  Thanks!