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Hello, I'm a pixel artist with specialization towards gamedev work. I can do work for just about any game you might need, at any size or style you might need. I especially will be able to work well with indie teams with lower budgets, but I can also do longer projects perfectly fine.
You can contact me for work offers via my email ( or via Discord (AppleHeck#2071)

Miscellaneous Singular projects:

Guard Panic Skybird:

Rivals of Aether modding:

From here on I'm gonna use this second post as a way to state directly my work situation.

I am Currently OPEN for work offers
I hope you'll pick me as the artist for your next project!

Just finished work for a project I was commissioned for of samurai masks. Felt I should showcase the work.

I'm free for one extra job, so if anyone is interested, be sure to message!

Hey! I'm looking for an artist. I just sent you a private message.

did a small job that took 3 days between my larger jobs, figured I would showcase it as part of the portfolio!
Used Spine Pro in order to animate the bones, the leg lift frames were done by hand.


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