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[PAID] - Pixel Artist Wanted

on: November 15, 2021, 12:17:43 pm

Our studio Brave At Night (creators of Yes, Your Grace and publishers of Mind Scanners) is looking for a long-term pixel artist who is able to match our current style.

We are looking for creative and hardworking individuals who are not afraid to experiment and try new things within the pixel art medium.

Our ideal candidate has excellent communication skills, is independent but can follow guidance and feedback. Most importantly, we are looking for someone who will be a part of our team and be proactive.

Job details:
- Create pixel art backgrounds and assets
- Pixel art amination (characters + backgrounds)
- Preferably based in the UK (ideally Manchester)
- Previous experience of working on a pixel art game is essential
- Long term position (not project based)
- Pixel art style should be similar to "Yes, Your Grace"
- Fully remote work (with optional office space in the future) & flexible working hours

Additional skills that are welcome:
- Ability to implement assets and animation in Unity Engine
- Familiarity of Unity lights and other visual effects

How to apply:
Send your portfolio to our email address: contact at