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--- Quote from: xhunterko on September 28, 2008, 06:19:12 pm ---Well hello, I've been told this is the place to introduce myself. So, here I go.
My name is xhunterko. I've been looking around here a couple days now. Plus I've looked at it the past month for advice you've given to others. I've never wanted to join because of the language (and slight perversion) on this site. So, after getting some help, but not enough, on another, I figured this would have to be the place to get Good pixel art advice. I'm on several other sites as well, Myspace, The Daily Click, Filefront, and yahoo.
Hope to learn some great stuff here. :)

--- End quote ---

O: This is a viewpoint that i've never encountered before! Harsh language and perversion? That's awesome! Where is it?

Why hello.

Im new here and the topic said to introduce myself here. ive been pixeling for about 7 years technicly (started when i was ten making a few small rpgs). ive browsed this place a couple of times and decided to join. Im not that good but i think you all have alot that i can learn from. Ill submit a few things as soon as i make them and see you all on the forums!


Hey, my names Alex, im 20, and have been playing around with various forms of pixel art for about 7 years now. I was part of the microhero community, if anyone knows what that is, and found this site a couple of years back. i joined, figured my skills were pretty sub par for this place, and left. Now, ive gotten much better, but i think i still have a ways to go, and thats why im here.



My name is Mike Poole & I joined here because I used to be a member of the OLD Pixelation years back.
And I admit to also scout out "talent".  As Im also a head of a small indy dev crew. But, I wont get into that
here as I have already seen a thread for such announcements.

When I was on the old Pixelation I used to do a tiny bit of pixeling myself. But, I have gotten horribly out of
practice. So, in between scouting out a few folks. I'll be reading and analyzing a few pieces here in hopes
of getting back into the groove.

Hey new/old/oldnew guys, welcome (:

I hope you all have fun and improve steadily :D


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