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Read the Rules, then introduce yourself here.

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Hello and welcome to Pixelation.

Please make sure you read the RULES. Reading the FAQ can not hurt either.

Have fun.

I don't know if this is the right place to do it. But i'm guessing it is :)

Hey, How are things going? I'm EarthboundRK, Call me Rusty-Kun if you like.
I've been very interested in PixelArt for many years now, and it ties in with my major interest with Graphics Design. (Off to Uni in a week to study it)
So to sum up, Hey guys.

So... um... hey?
I don't have a lot of experience in pixel art, but I figure that's why I should join a place like this! Hopefully I can get some great pointers here. I've admired a lot of the work I've seen in these forums, and after coming here for the tenth time, I figured I should sign up and post(though my job pulls me away from a lot of independent stuff I want to do). I look forward to hearing any and all opinions that can be thrown my way! I'm not looking to be a pro at pixel work- but there's a great amount of patience and trial and error that goes into this art-genre that allures me. You guys have a lot of patience(as well as skill) to do what you do, and I can only hope I can get halfway there!  :) <-- that shows you I'm excited to be here.  :P<-- okay. That's even more excited.

Yay first post here  :lol:

I'm xdjkittiex.  Feel free to call me kittie or by my real name : Kellie.
I'm 21 years old and I've been doing pixel art for the last 8 years.  About 3 of those years were strictly spent 'dolling' and then I started making my own bases and pixel artworks.
I'm currently attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division and I'm in the Media Arts & Animation program.
Although I've been working with pixels for a long time I still have more than enough room for improvement, especially in the shading and lighting department  :D
Anyways, thats me :)

Well hello, I've been told this is the place to introduce myself. So, here I go.
My name is xhunterko. I've been looking around here a couple days now. Plus I've looked at it the past month for advice you've given to others. I've never wanted to join because of the language (and slight perversion) on this site. So, after getting some help, but not enough, on another, I figured this would have to be the place to get Good pixel art advice. I'm on several other sites as well, Myspace, The Daily Click, Filefront, and yahoo.
Hope to learn some great stuff here. :)


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