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The focus of these boards clearly has been on the practice we very specifically defined and know as Pixel Art since they were founded back in 2002, with strong roots in low-end graphics of the days of lore. However, as the techniques involved in Pixel Art could witness a modest renaissance with the emergence of more and more capable hand-held systems which put Pixelation in the fortunate position to offer the expertise of its members to artists seeking to work professionally too, the development of these devices has long surpassed the necessity of Pixel Art. Color-depth and resolution have significantly improved, as have capabilities in terms of gimmickery that can be applied. And with the progress technology made, so did the artists involved in this branch. It only suggests itself to widen our scope of interest to new techniques that still remain within the same vein as Pixel Art, and possibly even have emerged from it.

So what to post in this section?
Anything goes that purposefully was created for low resolutions and tries to make best use of its given restrictions. Low-poly is just as welcome as skillfully reduced or pre-rendered graphics, as well as anything you might find on hand-helds from GUIs to gfx. Show us how you can make best use of whatever be your equipment of choice to cater for those low-spec devices. Tell us your tricks to ensure readability at lower resolutions while adequately tapping the true potential of the respective system, or how to use state-of-the-art software like 3DSmax, Photoshop or After Effects purposefully.

This is a test-run of the new section to see if it proves to be a legitimate extension to the old forums.

Have fun! Show off what you've learned!

EDIT: Feel free to post questions and make suggestions for this section HERE!
I will try to modify this introduction accordingly if there is anything unclear.

is there any program to make easy low poly human-shape models?
i use sketchup from google for buildings (i can't unenable the AA) but its really hard to is it for human models.

thankss :]

The best tools would be 3D Studio Max, or Maya. If you can afford those there are cheaper and even free alternatives. You can always check out Blender, which is free, or maybe try Milkshape3D, which is around 35 dollars I believe.

I use Wings3D and Blender for all my low poly models.  Both are free open-source apps.  I think Wings3D is very easy to use, but some people are awfully allergic to its non-interface.  Blender on the other hand has a completely insane interface (though no worse than max or maya).  Wings3D is nice for low poly because its tools are designed around subdivision modeling, which, long story short, means it has a bunch of really amazing tools for blocking out simple shapes very quickly (a la Sketchup - I actually have keyboard hotkeys in Wings to emulate some of Sketchup's functionality).

I've been meaning to do a low poly model tutorial using wings and blender, since they're free, and now that this forum exists I just might have the motivation to do that :D


--- Quote from: AdamAtomic on August 28, 2008, 03:36:46 am ---I've been meaning to do a low poly model tutorial using wings and blender, since they're free, and now that this forum exists I just might have the motivation to do that :D

--- End quote ---

Please do.


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