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Do People Still Use this Website/Forum?

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Yes please, send anything you can that helps. Desperate here for some sort of community or support.

Well, like I said, I can send you some invites on Discord. You have to add me though.  ;D

Does the PJ Discord still have a single channel for both off-topic chatter and art feedback? That was one of the things I really didn't like about it when I was there, there was no way to mute channels such that I would only get notifications for art-related conversations. I suggested the idea of splitting them, but the moderation preferred to keep them merged.

I'm on three big PA servers (PJ, Lospec and Pix) and they all have separate chat / off-topic channels. Lospec has started using threads in their art feedback channel, which seems like an ok compromise between forum and discord.

That's good to hear, thank you! Maybe I'll check the PJ server out again some time.


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