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Battalion Strike Game Development

on: December 27, 2005, 12:04:19 am
Anything related to the game development process to be seen by the public should be posted within this thread.
With this being said, Xion Night presents his design and asks for those interested in working with him to post a few examples of their artwork here so that artists can be recruited by Alex to help work upon this project.

Quote from: Xion Night
The year is 2012. There’s a war somewhere in the world between some countries that both disagree and loathe one another. So they fight - nay, they war. Send your troops onto the battlefield in this fast-paced puzzle game and combine your soldiers to make the ultimate army. Duke it out with tanks, jets, and bazookas  through all kinds of weather and decimate your opponent’s forces! Become the dominant power in your small, insignificant  part of the world, and let your giant fist of might crush thine opponents! It is time for your Battalion to Strike!

Title: Battalion Strike! (Very pending)
Genre: Puzzle (Falling blocks)
Players: 1-2
Suggested Graphic Style: Advance Wars + Metal Slug + Top-Down “something.”
Gameplay: Is like...Puyo Pop, Tetris, Siege.The screen is divided into 4 different sections; The gathering screen, the battlefield screen, the incoming screen, and the HUD.
In the player's gathering screen, groups of small soldiers march down from the top of the screen. The soldiers can be moved horizontally as they fall to be positioned to the players’ liking. As they fall, they will pile up. As they do so, they will be able to combine with adjacent units to form different weapons. (ex. Get four bazooka men into a 2*2 square to create a tank, or eight infantrymen in a 2*4 rectangle to create a transport.) The blocks of soldiers can be rotated, but in a more shifted manner...erm, see the picture. One could also halt the blocks as a whole, leaving them suspended in mid-fall. Unlike most other falling block-type puzzle games, when the soldiers pile up to the top of the screen, the game does not end. Rather, any units within the right half of the gathering screen will move onward to the battlefield screen. The rest of the units will continue to march downward, as though affected by gravity. The player can, during this time, press a button to clear the gathering screen completely.
The battlefield screen is the area in which the units from both sides collide and duke it out. After each round, lines will be drawn to show the advancement of each side, the first player to have his/her line reach the enemy's Gathering screen wins. Units will be pushed into the battlefield screen from the gathering screen. When the units from each side collide, they will execute a “struggle:” a rather simple paper-scissors-rock type system where flamethrower beats infantry, but is beaten by bazooka, which is defeated by demolitions, etc. etc. When two equal units struggle, both will be destroyed.
The HUD, displays score, combos, and possible weather conditions during the next round on the battlefield.
Tile Size       = 24*32(?)
The Battlefield    = 8*8 tiles.
The Gathering   = 4*8 tiles
Sprites       = Increments of 24*32
Frames      = (basic & spec. units) 4 down, 4 right (can be mirrored for left), 2 attacking, standing, dead.
         = (combo units) 2 creation, 3 right (can be mirrored for left) 2 attacking, standing, dead.
         = (misc.) 3 explosion.
Color limit       = 8 col (inc. transparency) for sprites. Less is fine. 4 col for tiles.
Resolution      =??? (low...)

Weather - An optional condition that can be toggled via the options menu. Certain random things may occur, affecting both sides. This includes:
   Lightning Strikes    - Randomly eliminates one unit from the battlefield.
   Earthquakes    - Scrambles the placement of units.
   Whiteout       - Some ranged units will miss.
   Rain          - Slows all units
   Sun          - Normal conditions
   Fallout      - After a nuke, 2 random units are damaged per turn.

Units - The basic and combined soldiers that are generated from the incoming screen. These include:
   Infantry (basic)   - Fire one shot per round that eliminates all basic units.
   Bazooka (basic)    - Fire one shot per round that eliminates all basic units + tanks.
   Flamethrower(basic)-Burns through 3 squares directly in front of it. Enemies burn.
   Demolitions (basic)   - Throws 1 grenade per every other round, which travels over others’ heads for 2-5 tiles and explode in 3*3 tiles.
   Sniper (spec.)   - Can take 2 normal infantry hits. Fires 1 shot per 2 rounds that eliminates all opposing unit types. (Moves ˝ speed.)
   Assassin (spec.)   - Eliminates all basic units in the foremost row.
   Supersoldier (spec.)- Random basic unit each turn. Revives as infantry.
   Repair (spec.)   - Restores all mechanized units to full armor.
   Tank (combo)   - Made of 4 Baz. In 2*2 formation. Can take 3 Inf. Hits. Fires one shot per round, which explodes in a 2*2 square.
   Transport (combo)   - Made of 8 infantry in 4*2 formation. Can take 5 inf. Hits. Generates 2 infantry per round (If free space is available.)
   Jet (combo)      - Made of 1 tank surrounded by infantry (Diagonals not included). Damage only done by colliding with another Jet. Flies over the battlefield once, dropping 3 bombs on the opposing half of the battlefield. Each bomb = 3*3 explosion.
   Big Tank (combo)   - Made of 1 tank flanked in front and back (player’s left and right) by demolitions men. Damage only done by explosion. Fires 2 tank shots per turn.
   Fwd (spec. combo)   - Made of 3 repairs in a vertical row. Pushes enemy territory back one row.
   Base(spec. combo)   - Made of 5 repairs in a vertical row. Makes side impenetrable for a turn.
   Missiles(spc.cmbo)   - Made of 2 supersoldiers side-by-side, 2 bazookas below, and 2 demolitions above. Fires 6 missiles upwards to attain targets in enemy territory. The next turn they will fall and create small, 1*1 explosions. If your side has advanced since then, the missiles will damage your own units.
   Nuke(ultim. combo)   - made of 8 demolitions in 2*4 formation with a tank below. Will fly through the air and demolish all units on the battlefield and destroy all units in the opponent’s gathering screen. Weather will be changed to fallout for 5-8 rounds.
After each game, the number of casualties, kills, combo units created, and special combo units created will be tallied up for extra points.

for more information regarding the community game development process:
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