AuthorTopic: [REVSHARE] Looking for pixel artist  (Read 1858 times)

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[REVSHARE] Looking for pixel artist

on: September 28, 2021, 04:41:56 pm
Hello, we are currently looking for a pixel artist to join our roster and help us.

We need a character designer/animator, most environmental work is being handled by another person.

Expected time to be put on this project is around 6-10 hours per week, depending on many variables.

We currently have a set style and we would like to continue it, so a little "orientation" time will be given to get adjusted to our style, learn how it works etc.

Payment is through revshare (1/3rd) and there are plans for a kickstarter that depends on your rate of work, since a lot of the game has been programmed, and a few environmental assets have been drawn.

Animations required are not lengthy since this is a fast-paced combat game, mostly 4-5 frames, however a few expections do apply.

Character design is influenced by me and there is no need for completely original ideas/drafts, they are appreciated and they can be put into the project but they are not mandatory.

This will take plenty of your time (long-term) so please take that into consideration.

Most of the game's main plots/ideas/designs have been set, however decisions regarding the game that haven't been made will be taken as a team.

Add me on discord (Atermnus#6991) and we can discuss further and I can show you the game.

Pictures for reference :

Still in draft phase: