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[CC] Want to get some suggestion on the fur of this Jackalope


Just like the topic said I wanna get some advice on the fur pattern as I am not satisfied with the current look of the fur but I don't have any ideas on how to improve it like reference on fur or tutorial etc. so wanna get some advice from the community.
Thank you in advance for any advices!

Well, for what I can see there are a couple tips I can give you, hope they help at least a bit:

- Pick a lightsource direction and keep it in mind all the times, this has to do a lot with why you are struggling with drawing fur, fur is quite volumetric and a clear lightsource direction helps a lot to keep things easily readable.

- Think in volume, fur often breaks the silhouette.

- Try to draw big patches of fur. Seems like you are trying to draw what almost seems like single hairs. When looking at any texture from afar it will lose detail. Fur will merge and look like big strands.

-Lastly your values could have a bit more contrast.

I did a quick and messy edit of your jackalope, hopefully you may see to what I refer to. Give a try to what I just told you and let me know if you have questions or struggle with anything.

Thank you so much for the direction given, SeinRuhe. It helps me a lot. I'll try it out!


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