AuthorTopic: FrankieSmileShow/Lurdiak Collab Game Sprites (now showing Boris the Eyeball)  (Read 2666 times)

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Okay, so, me and FrankieSmileShow have been collaborating on what was originally a slapdash birthday gift of a game for a friend made in about 2 days. It turned out to be much more fun than anticipated and now we're working on making a more final version of it, after which we'll modify it to make it target a broader audience than "the one guy". The first step in doing this is to design and sprite new enemies to add variety to the game. So far, I'm working on the first new one, and without the time limit and the stress of the deadline, I was able to make something that isn't dreadfully embarassing. So I was thinking... what does every space shooter need? Why, a giant disembodied eye! A truly groundbreaking enemy design. Ladies and Genteel-men, I give you, Boris the Eyeball:

This sprite took a lot more tweaking and referencing than you'd think, especially since I kept coming up with new ideas for the look and having to take a few steps back and start over. One thing I definitely wanted to keep was the spherical feel of the exposed eye. I friggin' hate games where the eyes look like flat disks.

The colors on the left are my color scheme, and the ones on the right are the ones suggested by Frankie, who yelled at me for using pure reds. I can't decide which ones I like best.

I don't really feel like this is the final version, but I'm not really sure where to go from here... It's got character, but it certainly doesn't "ooze personality" :P  Maybe some animation would make it more visually interesting? It's going to spin in-game but I guess it could do more. Any C&C or advice is welcome! I'll probably post the final version here too.

More to come as we keep working on the game...
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Made a quick edit of the eye for now. Its squishey...

the top part of it is a little lame, like its really obvious that I just moved parts of the sprite with the selection tool to animate it hahaha
Ill edit some animation details later tomake it smooth-ish

Oh and thinking about it, the game is probably NONSENSE to you guys if its without explanation harr. press F1 in the main menu for instructions...... there...there is more to it than it seems...............

EDIT: whooop. thats right. the instructions are in french. heh.
OKAY heres how it works: when playing, when you stay in the middle of the screen, your shields charge up slowly. They also charge when you kill enemies. One hit without shields makes you lose one life (the presents in the bottom of the screen).
Now, the shields also double as a currency with which you can buy upgrades. You spend your shields by going to the left or right side of the screen. The transaction is instantaneous, so going there leaves you very vulnerable. To the left you can buy automated turrets that shoot at enemies, and to the right you can buy a better main weapon. If your shields charge to full capacity, it gives you an extra life and then goes back to 0.

The game right now never ends, but there are new enemies that pop up as you play until wave 5 or so.
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