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Pixelled Scooter (VMoto Milan)

on: August 02, 2008, 06:10:23 pm
Just upgraded my copy of ProMotion to v6 after not having played with 5.1 in months, so I figured I should fire it up. Decided to do up a couple of representations of my girlfriend's scooter.

Side-ish view with a looping animation. I plan to add some tire/exhaust smoke, possibly a bit of "flex" to the bike to emphasise the acceleration/deceleration.

and a still of the above

A front view now. Lots of blank space above so I can pixel my girlfriend on the scooter.

White background because I'm planning to pass them to my girlfriend to use as custom msn emotes.

Her's doesn't have the little windshield thing on the front visible in the refs
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