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[CC] Beer glass bottle, how to make it more readable?



How can I make it more readable? I need logo and the animal to be easier to understand.

I can do an edit if you post the original as a PNG.


I decided that it's impossible to have this mark be recognizable in this size/style.
I reworked it in higher-res and its much better:
I am just afraid that its gonna stand out too much from other graphics in the game since its so detailed.
But let's keep it like this for now, what would you guys improve in the new one?


It's ambititous, but not impossible. This is how I would do it using your same palette, but in addition to this colors could be tweaked to cover wider value ranges.

I agree that making it higher res would make it stand out too much. If anything, having a less than ideal sprite is still better than mixed resolutions.


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