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[Rev-share] Developer looking for a pixel artist


Hello, all ^^

Iím a 25yo IT university student from Italy.

I write here because I would like to develop a 2D, 16bit, Zelda-like Action RPG or Pokemon-like game, I started coding some basic objects with which to create characters, enemies, and environment (but I'm also open to other proposals and different kind of games if I like the pixel art's style ^^)

My idea is to start developing the basic aspects of the game, a small world with few maps, a "final" dungeon, and after this, release a demo, if it's appreciated, we continue the development and make a real game.

If you want some examples of styles I'm looking for, take a look at those pics:

style 1:
- Picture 1
- Picture 2
- Video

style 2:
- Picture 1
- Picture 2

style 3:
- Picture 1
- Picture 2
- Picture 3
- Picture 4

In the last few months Iíve released some scripts/template projects on while I was learning how to use Game Maker, if you would like to take a look, you can find them HERE

If you are interested to know more, or you would like to collaborate with me, please reply here or contact me on discord 😊

Discord: ghostwolf#5364


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