AuthorTopic: DUMP / Digging out a look  (Read 6065 times)

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Re: DUMP / Digging out a look

Reply #10 on: July 27, 2008, 10:45:09 am
my opinion - the worst thing you can do at the moment is intentionally pursue a style.  continue to experiment, to do things that you love, and you will eventually emerge "successful" in your search for a style.  to try and develop so directly at a young age (what are you, early-to-mid-20's ?) will end up putting you into a long rut instead of allowing you to reach your full potential.  fact is, we all have things that we will discover are important to us naturally if we don't crush them with premature plans.  it's kinda like how if you tell people what to get you for christmas, the stuff you get is often less meaningful than what you would have been given if you let things happen.

helm's advice is probably the best so far, as without a strong foundation, you may in the course of years get into what you love without having the skill to produce it, which leads to things like suicide :).
A mistake is a mistake.
The same mistake twice is a bad habit.
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Re: DUMP / Digging out a look

Reply #11 on: July 27, 2008, 09:16:46 pm
I thought so....from the comments so far. thanks for your input.

I guess the particular reason I'm obsessed about a style is that I'd consider it to be a platform to make hi quality low budget animation, if all the pieces came together just right

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Re: DUMP / Digging out a look

Reply #12 on: July 27, 2008, 10:20:53 pm
If you put loads of details in an object, they will be lost in motion. If you suggestively bring the idea of their existance, but do not entirely define them as they are, it saves time and is not noticed in the animation. I myself suggest still fully defining the detail in static parts (either no movement or only slight movement of the same block of pixels, without further adjustments). Therefore, those thoughts of yours just might turn out to be correct, but to assure yourself, and others among us, it is indeed suggested to experiment more.