AuthorTopic: [Unpaid] Looking for Fighting Game animators/UI/Sprite Artists  (Read 1619 times)

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Hello, my name is Scootie, I'm a first time dev and as it stands for the project I'm presenting, I'm also the game's director. It's planned title name I Blazing Worldstars. Right now, I have very little in my team in terms of sprite artists, especially animators, which right now is only one for character animations. I'm looking for more animators to help with the project as it is planned to be a kickstarter title.

Right now, our current plan is to have 3 characters ready for a demo showcase to help promote the kickstarter with a budget ranging from what might be 350K-500K+ for a roster of 26 characters to be worked on through a step-by-step planning process of beta tests. We have a document here detailing a guide on the character sprites and the current scope at this link.

I'm not asking for animators to obviously come work for free as I would love to compensate them for their efforts when the kickstarter can reach it's goals. If what I'm asking for likely needs more on it's budget to compensate, I can adjust accordingly to make sure ends meet the requirements needed. Some details about the game itself and the current set of plans:

This game emulates the sprite art style used for Fatal Fury 3 with the artstyle I gave the character design I did within their concepts, there is a planned roster of 25 characters for this game, with mechanics based mostly on Street Fighter V in it's current season patch (Season 5) and Rival School's air combo system with some tweaks to assure that air combos aren't overtly abuse-able, this maybe subject to change for a MvC sort of tag team game mode.

The plan of action described for this game is as follows:

- Having 3 playable characters ready for a showcase demo of the game to gather interest and help to campaign the kickstarter.

- Phase 1 OBT: 7 playable characters fully ready to play with online lobbies and instant rematch. Putting out a survey to gather feedback on the beta test to see what players liked, what might need balance for the characters and mechanics, and seeing how the game does online features wise to see what else may be needed.

- Phase 2 OBT: From the 7 already included characters, having another set of 7 characters from the planned roster added in along with taking in the feedback from the first survey adding the tweaks and features needed, readying another survey on the new character additions and gameplay to assure balance.

- Phase 3 Final OBT: With the 14 characters already from the last OBT build, the last of the roster will be added here for the final beta test with survey feedback with required tweaks, the last test to see what is needed before the full release of the game and balances to looking into.

I am contactable mainly through discord at Scootie (Boujieshin)#4649 and we have a discord setup as a place to discuss and share progress to work as a team environment.