AuthorTopic: SNES Inspired Top Down RPG Needs A Pixel Artist  (Read 3150 times)

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SNES Inspired Top Down RPG Needs A Pixel Artist

on: June 03, 2021, 12:42:43 pm
Looking For: 2D Top Down Pixel Artist (SNES style like Chrono Trigger/Secret of Mana)

I am currently writing out the rest of the story but definitely could use another perspective. I am also a graphic designer.

This will be a loveletter to SNES fans! It's an Action-RPG in the style of 16bits. The Kingdom of Lockefall has been taken over by dark forces. The magic scepter that kept the dark forces at bay was broken by the evil lord. The pieces shattered across the land, guarded by the lord's minions. The king was taken and his advisor went into hiding. He sends out letters to surrounding kingdoms asking for help. 7 unlikely heroes answer the call. They set out on an adventure across the kingdom to find the pieces of the scepter, piece it back together and save the Kingdom, meeting all kinds of friends and foes in the process.

I already have most of the story complete but would like an awesome pixel artist to bring my characters to life!

Length of Project: Unknown at this time but long

Split %: To be discussed