AuthorTopic: {WIP} Stuff for a game (House, program)  (Read 2346 times)

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{WIP} Stuff for a game (House, program)

on: July 02, 2008, 09:52:02 pm
My plan of doing a tactics game was cut short because I definately want that one in flash and I didn't get a summer job yet, so I'm going to make one that doesn't need to be in flash. Here's a house:

Heh, I was inspired by kenneth fejer's new isocity house. I need a program to make it in (Hopefully one that works with layers). The game isn't going to have a battle system or anything. The character will be an archeologist in another world much like ours. his world will be filled with dinosaurs that are soon to die out. he must capture (not sure how yet, especially for the big suckers) as much as he can within 100 "days. (twenty minute intervals)" there'll be no jump feature, but he can hop down small ledges and climb up and down some surfaces. there will be a dash feature that will only last a short while. And collectible items. Well the games features are still wip, so is that house up there, so if you have suggestions for either, or a program to use, please tell me. Thanks for reading through all that.