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Hello and welcome to the official anatomy thread.  Many pieces posted in the pixel-art board seem to get repeated critique about flawed anatomy.  This thread is here to post your studies and progress in learning anatomy.

Learning anatomy can and should take years; you will become a better artist because of it.  After many anatomical failures with pixel-art I have taken to pencil sketching.  I recommend you do the same, as it is the most efficient and accurate way of practising.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Helm for his nagging to get me to begin this process :P, as well as his invaluable time helping me out.  Thanks Bro!

Now I would like to share with you the progress I have made in about a week.  Not only to get some more feedback, but also to inspire people.  I am by no means a good artist but I think there is definite progress in my work.  Study and practise are the keys.

URLs removed ("dead" links) -Crow

Of course all of these arenít still there yet, but I am getting closer, and I can see where Iím going wrong.

I have gathered quite a lot of resources, mainly from Helm, Ptoing and Google images.

I think it is probably best to begin with the human skeleton: URL removed ("dead" link) -Crow

Followed by a few technical diagrams: URL removed ("dead" link) -Crow

And finally photo reference:  URL removed ("dead" link) -Crow

Hopefully this thread will help people improve their anatomy sketching, and will share with us their progress.

This thread is officially sanctioned and stickied  :mean:

help each other and help yourselves. I will be posting here regularily. Critique to come.

A few weeks ago (okay last month) was the last time I did any anatomical, er, studies. I should be doing them a few hours a day now that it's summer, but I got caught up in programming.  >:(

I know, I should have used references, but I didn't have my computer. That's something I really gotta fix, because I'll never learn what things actually are, only what I percieve them to be, without SCIENCE .

Anyway if you uh can't tell what they are it's a profile and an arm with WHAT I THINK TO BE ( ::)) forshortening but I'm 999% sure I did that wrong. I remember reading in Hogarth's Dynamic Anatomy (Which is back in the damn library) that a form emerging from the background towards the camera will lose length but not width. wee. Looking back on it now the upper arm should have been coming from the right or center, I broke that person's arm.  :crazy:

great! what about having some sort of exercises we could practise here? maybe you, Helm, would want to prepare something for us? I mean one or two simple drawing tasks that would help us to embrace the concept of anatomy better. not feeling competent enough, I couldn't come up with anything useful.

I'll try and post more later. Maybe it will inspire me to continue on with my in depth studies : D

( This page mostly copied from Mentler at

Let me know if you want these as links instead of images.


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