AuthorTopic: [Star Wars Fan Game Jam] Looking for tile and sprite artists!  (Read 2456 times)

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We are a team of two looking to join Star Wars Fan Game Jam! The theme of this jam is droids and we are looking to add one or two artists to the team!

This game will be a top down stealth game made with Pixel Game Maker MV. You will control a hacked mouse droid on an Imperial base stealthing around looking to sabotage their plans. If you get discovered, game over.

Jayla, Mara and Winston are the three members of the Rancor Squad: a highly skilled, elite team of Rebel Alliance infiltrators that are tasked with the mission of sabotaging an Imperial base on Sullust. Upon landing and sneaking through the bases’ defenses, the team commandeers a Mouse droid to better navigate the base undetected.
As the player, you’ll assume control of one of the Rancor squad and operate the Mouse droid. With mazes, puzzles and other challenging obstacles ahead of you, the fate of the Rancor Squad and the outcome of the mission will rest on your shoulders.

Looking For:

Pixel Artists: Looking for an artist who can make an 16x16 Imperial Stormtrooper, Imperial Officer, and mouse droid sprite. Also looking for an artist who can make 16x16 tile sprites for floors and walls. If you can do one or both of these, let me know!

Additional Information:
The jam starts on May 3rd and runs to May 25th. Assets for the game cannot be made before the jam. This is not a paid position, just for fun. You will be properly credited in game and on our game page on
Link to jam:

If you are interested in working with us, please use either of these contacts below!

Discord: Lancer#0894