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Re: Official Off-Topic Thread

Reply #20 on: June 25, 2008, 09:32:04 pm
I tested it today, very happy from this new version, the new icon is very fun.

the only problem for me is the new layer system. It's not very clear to use layers like what we can do with photoshop. We can use the "L" button to enable/disable the layer composition of the frames or the animations. ???

Glad to see the isometric grid and the palette editor plugin integrated.

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Re: Official Off-Topic Thread

Reply #21 on: June 25, 2008, 09:43:09 pm
Is Pro Motion much better than Graphics Gale? Or is it just preference. ::)
The 80 dollar version has a lot of unique feature not in any other program. 20 dollar is pretty much the same as GG (And I personally say the GG interface is superior ;)).
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Re: Official Off-Topic Thread

Reply #22 on: June 25, 2008, 11:33:18 pm
I want a mac port for promotion....

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Re: Official Off-Topic Thread

Reply #24 on: June 26, 2008, 08:03:48 am
Quote from: madPXL
the new icon is very fun.

. . . and the new splash screen is waaay cool! :)

it seems that color conservation is easier to handle now, I'm trying it right now.

and as for drawing modes, I think there were too many even in the 5.0 version.

Quote from: Rosse
Can anybody which owns it upload the “history.txt” or just copy&paste the part from the 6.0 changes? I'm not really sure if I need the upgrade and it's nothing written about the small bugfixed and tunings. I'm really interested in reading it before buying.


Major Changes from 5.1 to 6.0

* The layer data can be exported into a range of image files. This way it is possible to create images and animations
   with more than 256 color and alpha.

* The light table submenu entries in the main menu animation have been renamed to focus more on layers in common. They have
   been moved to a main menu called "Layers".

* New paint mode "Multi Cycle" added. It tries to find the color in a gradient. If it is found then the next/previous
   color in this gradient used.

* There is now a global brush container as well as project specific containers.

* Auto backup can be set up in the project settings.

* New Option 'Dot Lines' in the lock grid settings.
    If enabled then lines are drawn dotted where each dot is placed on a matching grid cross point.

* Settings for fill tool have been reorganized. There is a new option called "isolated" which does a flood fill as before.
   If unchecked the whole frame is scanned for matching color (ranges) and filled.

* When using the key shortcuts for zoom in/out the canvas now remains centered.

* Within the projects tab-list the project name is only displayed if there is a project file or if it's
   a new project (no image/animation file name present).

* Integration of AnimStrip-PNGs

* The resize dialog has been extended by "add brush width/height" buttons. Some rearranging of controls has been done, too.

* The function "Colors->Remove Colors->Compact" now moves the pixels according to the
   palette colors without doing a color remap.

* Workaround added concerning the following WinXP/SP2-Bug: If you have a file on desktop and move your
    mouse on it within a file open/save dialog then a tool tip appears. If you close the file dialog and
    reopen it to let the tool tip show the application crashes. Actually Windows crashes since the Windows
    notepad application has the same problem.

* Holding SHIFT when using the insert frame button, will insert the frame after the current one.

* new Paint Mode "Formula" added. The user may define a collection of mathematical formulas to modify
   pixel color index, RGB or HSB channels.

* BugFix: When flipping a brush on the x or y axis and then doubling or halving the
   image the flip that was previously performed was undone.

* The color tile mapping (menu Colors) now uses an overlay indication layer within the magnify window
   to show errors. The error indication colors have been changed to be blue if a tile uses wrong colors
   but can be repaired and red if it can not be repaired without reorganizing palettes.

* A full screen magnify mode was added. It can be toggled using 'U'.

* When using the pipette tool holding ALT and using the mouse button will replace the underlying color
   with foreground/background color.

* The canvas mover tool can be activated temporarily by holding SHIFT+ALT.

* BugFix: When working with an additional monitor connected to a laptop then the subtool palette selection
   windows (e.g. filled/hollow circle) opened at the wrong monitor screen.

* Lock grid settings will be forwarded to all open projects that have not been stored as
    project file yet. This way you can work with global settings for non-project files (direct manipulation
    of animation and image files). Latest settings are loaded on application restart.

* Grid settings can be stored as default. There is also a set of predefined grid settings.

* The colors of the pattern used to indicate transparent areas can be set up in the preferences.

* The transparent color of a project can now be determined automatically using the "Auto" button besides the
   transparent color indicator.

* The new project dialog has a new preset resolution list. The file "resolutions.txt" is loaded to fill this
   preset list. The file format is simple. Every text line contains an entry of <WIDTH>x<HEIGHT>

* The Copy Palette function (menu Colors) has been improved to copy complete palettes or color ranges to single or
    multiple projects.

* Auto Tile Completion has been removed and a new Tile Mapping Engine has been included, supporting tile libary, optimization,
   tile mirorring, in place drawing of tiles and maps, import and export of different formats including Gameboy Cel, Pal, Map
* When using mouse wheel for zooming the position that is pointed to when starting to use the mouse wheel is used as
   zoom center until the mouse is moved. This way you can zoom straight to the current mouse position or you can zoom
   to different positions by moving the mouse while using the mouse wheel.

* The lock grid settings now also work with line tools. That means dots are only placed on lock grid points.

* BugFix: If a lock grid of eg 2x1 was used with the "Correct rectangular brush cutting" then
   a 2x2-brush was created instead of 2x1

* A new menu entry was added: Brush->AnimBrush->Grab all Frames as Brush

* When having an image/animation with simple transparency then saving as a file format supporting alpha
   (TGA 24/32, BMP24/32, PNG 24/32) will turn the simple transparency into alpha values 0 (transparent) and 255 (opaque).
* A button for the canvas crop tool was added to the tool box. In exchange the menu entry Frame->Crop was removed.

* A button to enable/disable mask was added to the toolbox. In exchange the small icon besides the paint mode display
   was removed.

* Win2000/XP file open/save dialogs have been included. Now you can quickly access "my documents", "desktop"...

* Printing has been reworked. Now you can define the number of frames per page, resolution etc. .

* The draw grid supports a new "pattern grid". You can draw a based on certain rules to define any type
   of repeating grid pattern. This way you can define isometric grids, even octagon grids or even more
   sophisticated ones. Use CTRL+ALT+F1...F8 to toggle visibility of a grid layer.

* The draw grid can now be made up of different grid layers. This way you can have different grids for
   tiles, certain areas, blocks

* The menu entry Colors->Sort was removed because sorting can now be done using the floating
   color palette window

* A new popup menu has been added besides the tabbed project bar to see more projects

* The current window positions are stored and reloaded after restart. This mode is overridden by
   saving the window positions manually using Options->Windows->Save Positions/Sizes

* The former Dither paint mode is now a separate option that can be used together with other paint modes.
   Dithering now divides between left and right mouse button usage. This way you can draw with foreground
   and background color using for "on" and "off" dither pixels to easily mix colors.

* Paint mode settings are now floating. They can stay open if needed.

* Emergency backups will be created automatically if an internal software error occurs.

* Flood fill mode solid color has been removed, because normal paint mode can be used instead.

* Paint modes darken/brighten have been joined to "Brightness". Left mouse button increases and right mouse button decreases.

* "Save all modified projects" was included.

* Light table has been improved to better support multiple physical layers (one project=one layer --> true layering besides onion skinning).
   Also there is a mode that supports for using each frame as a separate layer.

* For quicker access the mouse wheel options have been moved from preferences to the main window.

* ALT-Backspace and CTRL+Backspace fill the frame with current foreground background color. The clear frame command (toolbox) now uses either
   the globally selected background color of the project (project settings) or the current background color.

* When using the pipette tool then holding SHIFT and left/right mouse click will select/deselect the color in the palette editor.

* When closing the application the currently open files will be stored as session data. On next startup these files can
   be reloaded automatically.

* Shortcut Ctrl+Alt+X removes the current pixel column under the cursor. Shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+Y removes the current pixel row under the cursor.
   Useful for fast rearranging graphic snippets drawn an a single frame.

* A new floating palette editor was included that was available as plugin for V5.1. Functions include:
   - select single colors, linear and square ranges
   - selected colors may be moved, swapped, inserted, flipped, inverted...
   - copy & paste to other projects/frames
   - web color edit
   - contrast/brightness change
   - display/select unused colors
   - sorting

* Some keyboard shortcuts have been redefined. See help file.

* In the animated brush settings there is a new option to automatically rewind and animated brush after
* The brush container has been enlarged to have 256 slots to store brushes.

* The project tabs have a context menu to close or save projects. The tabs can be moved using drag/drop

* A project may now have a size of 32768 * 32768 pixels and 9999 frames. Of course the actual size is limited
   by the amount of memory that is available.

* In the preferences you can now save and load shortcut preferences. This way you can define shortcuts and take it to
   other machines to be loaded there.

* The drawing grid can load brush sizes for additional rule definitions (see grid settings dialog).

* The settings for most tools of the tool box are now floating dialogs. A settings dialog opens when you right click on a tool (as usual).
   But the dialog can stay open while using the tool. You may also close it again or move it around. The position of each dialog can be changed and
   is stored for the next redisplay.

* Displays with zoom smaller 1:1 is now possible in animation and magnify window.

* Magnify window and animation window have been redesigned to show zoom slider and transparency pattern.

* The options for saving window positions (menu Options/Windows) have been changed to be two independent slots (normal and alternative).
   The alternative slot isn't automatically used now when zooming but must be selected manually.

* When drawing the canvas will be moved only if tools are used that need multiple selection points (circle, line, rectangle...).
   Also the movement is increases the more the mouse exceeds the canvas.

* A new brush menu entry to get the whole frame as brush was added.

* The canvas mover tool was added to the toolbox in replace for the stencil which is now available
   via the mask menu and mask tool button.

* BugFix: Under Win98 saved BMP files contained wrong palette colors.

* New commands have been added to the plugin interface.

* A new Anti-Aliasing algorithm has been created to replace the two algorithms that have been used yet.

* The undo history has no given limit anymore. It's only limited by memory or disk space.

* All functions that modify bitmap or color data, can now be made undone, even if they affect more that one frame.

* Swap foreground/background color (menu Color) respects the selected mask.

* When storing the brush container into a file then it will remember the displayed frame of animated brushes after

* When using the paint mode "Shade" then the colors are shifted when moving to the next pixel. Up to now shifting was done
   as soon as the mouse moves even when staying at the same zoomed pixel.

* When using a certain paint mode then the right mouse button does the inverted operation where possible instead of just always drawing
   with the background color.

* The background color that can be defined when creating a new project is now used as preset for functions like clearing the screen
   or the new "Erase" paint mode. It can be modified using the project settings.

* True masking is now possible. The previous stencil mask can still be used via menu Mask->Create from Colors. The stencil
   data is automatically stored with the project. There is an option to update the stencil on frame switch.

* The new Paint Mode "Erase" can be used to draw with the background color or transparency.
     Project has no transparency:
        left mouse button= foreground color
        right mouse button= background color
    Project has simple transparency:
       left mouse button= transparent color
        right mouse button= current background color
     Project has alpha transparency:
       left mouse button= decrease alpha by pressure
        right mouse button= set zero alpha and draw with current background color

* When using zooming with the mouse wheel then the image is centered under the mouse
   cursor after using the mouse wheel.

* Project data is now stored as a single compressed PMP-File. The additional files created in the past (pmd, brc) are not needed anymore.

* A new menu entry was added: File->Save all modified. It will save all modified projects. If you are just working on image or
   animation files without project files then this will recognized.

* When saving images as true color (with or without alpha) then a palette file is stored optionally (see project settings).
   This way you can work on true color files by keeping the color palette. When loading such a true color image then
   the separate palette file is loaded, too and the colors are mapped to it.

* Within the project settings the options to minimize the color depth (BMP, PNG) have been merged to a single option.
   TGA and GIF now use this option, too.

* The function File->Animation->Load to position has been removed. Loading an animation file and placing at a certain
   position can be achieved by loading as AnimBrush and stamping down holding ALT. This method is more handy to use
   and more flexible.

* Icons and cursors are now always saved with 256 colors or true color with alpha (32bit).

* 32 bit BMP files are recognized to contain RGBA values when loading and saving.

* All File import/export functions have been reorganized to show alphabetically and to support indexed and true color mode with alpha
    or via separate alpha file.

* New option in the preferences to hide startup splash screen.

* BugFix: On the floating palette the saturation got sometimes lost when switching between HSB and RGB mode
* Palette display has been removed from the main window (upper panel) because the floating palette window
    does the job

* Color palette sorting on brightness sorts from dark to bright now instead bright to dark

* Alpha support has been integrated throughout the application by using color and alpha layer separation. This new feature
   introduces a couple of new functions and modes.

* Icon were added to the upper main form info panel area to switch Auto Tile Completion feature and Spare Frame Mask.

* BugFix: 256 byte sized or smaller image files (i.e. PNG) could not be loaded.

* The paint mode "dither" now recognizes the background color to be the second dither color.

* Within the preferences the optional hints and questions that are set to "don't show again"
   can be reset. Default settings can be applied, too.

* The new function Colors->Remove Colors->Compact was added. It will delete all color
   indexes that are not used. This way the palette is compacted.

* When adding a frame to a single image then the user is asked if a global palette is to be used for
   the animation or not.

* In the preferences section "Windows" the "Auto-resize image/animation after loading" has been removed.

it's been a little. . . ;)
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Re: Official Off-Topic Thread

Reply #25 on: June 26, 2008, 04:31:53 pm
Thanks alot, Skurwy! Very interesting read. Pretty sure to buy it when going into the field (lots of useful stuff, alpha support for example), but currently 5.1 will do
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Re: Official Off-Topic Thread

Reply #26 on: June 26, 2008, 06:32:01 pm
(stuff like changing the palette, resizing and such was NOT undoable, now is).

Oh yes please. ;D
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Re: Official Off-Topic Thread

Reply #27 on: June 28, 2008, 07:03:52 am


Remember those B&W Anime Gifs that used to be about chickens shitting explosive eggs? it seems now they are AMVs with original graphics and audio....and these feature the geekiest Megaman mishaps you could possibly imagine =O
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Re: Official Off-Topic Thread

Reply #28 on: June 28, 2008, 01:06:43 pm
 :y: Those were decent. I really thought the last one you linked was good. Great music too, and I'm not a fan of most J-rock. :>

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Re: Official Off-Topic Thread

Reply #29 on: June 28, 2008, 01:46:27 pm
Quote from: Adarias
I'm not going to pretend this is a small task either; certainly none of us here can claim to have accomplished it.  it's the realm of masters.  still, it's what we all have to try for.