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Im a french computer science student and im looking for a pixel artist to help me on a game i started dev 1.5 year ago

EmpireExpense (still not sure on the name) is a multiplayer medieval strategie game.

First let me explain you the principle:

the objective of the game is to control as much territory as possible.
You will need recruit mans to control territory but there is a limitation of mans you can directly recruit. So the solution is to allow your recruited mans to recruit mans themself and so on …. It create a hierarchie. but be aware : yours vassal can betray you any time….

more over other faction can be ally as they can be threat.

another thing to know: contrary to all other strategy game you are also a character in the map.
it mean that you can't be everywere on the map and informations coming to you slowly cause you can interact only with people close to you. It also mean that you can dye (but dont worry it dosent make you loose everything)

some precisions : the scale is 1 pixel in screen = 4cmx4cm in my game : for exemple one man of 1M80 in my game will be 45 pixel height in my game

if u interested contact me on discord thyma#5574. I can show you how the game look like :)
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