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From now on, any freelance or outsourced art jobs posted in the paid section that do not include information about the rates being offered will be automatically moved to the unpaid section.  (UPDATE: If you are clearly a competent, legitimate employer, this rule has been and will continue to be waived.  There are numerous practical ways to do this, including providing company information, budgets for previous jobs, work history, legit company contact info, and user endorsements.  Please see proper rules below!) The paid section is for positions or freelance gigs that offer competitive rates.  This means, for amateurs/beginners, approx. $15/hr, up to $50/hr or more for veterans.  If you cannot pay fair rates, do not post in the paid jobs section of our board.

Welcome! This section's purpose is to allow members to post job opportunities, unpaid collaborative projects, and personal portfolios. This thread is a mandatory read if you're interested in posting to this section. Moderators will remove content if it appears to violate the rules, or guidelines listed here.

Use of this forum is intended to allow a venue for artists seeking work and employers/teams seeking artists to meet.  This is NOT a store or an auction of digital art of any kind. Anyone trying to 'sell' artwork within a thread directly for cash will have their threads deleted immediately and perhaps suffer other imposed consequences.

Where Should I Post?

Employment/Main - This identifies that the poster of the thread is offering payment for services related to pixel art, or game development involving pixel art. Therefore, Artists as well as Coders may be sought. Do not use this tag if you lack the funds to pay for services rendered. While it is understood that agreements without contract assume a promisary nature towards payment, the staff reserves the right to remove content and ban individuals which abuse any publically recognized agreement on this forum through this advertisement.  Moderators may move your thread or take further action if any of the following are true:
1 - You are not offering any payment,
2 - The payment offered is "eventual" - i.e. "Once our game sells you will get a cut."  This is unpaid!
3 - The payment offered is a full order of magnitude lower than base industry rates.  E.g. any offers that appear to be less than $2USD to $3USD/hr.  This is the same as unpaid.

Unpaid Work - For projects seeking Artists or Coders without monetary compensation. Posting in this subforum does not restrict the poster from offering compensation through barter or paying for services at a later date when able.

Portfolios - A Resume and/or Portfolio post is appropriate for individuals who wish to advertise their skills and talents. Only one Resume/Portfolio per person. You may modify or delete this thread at any time. Do not use this subforum for company advertisement. By posting, it is assumed that you're at least open to receiving job offers. Please Post Resumes and Portfolios in the dedicated subforum.

Title of the Thread

Give a reasonably detailed description for your thread, preferably platform and game genre, or alternately the type of artwork (characters, environments, etc).  This is a polite request, not a requirement, but you may find it helps to focus the applicants.  Thank you!

Body of the Thread - Guidelines For Your Post Content

Jobs, Contracts, and Collaborative Projects
While we understand that some projects are secretive, we do ask that any paid or unpaid post be as thorough as possible. To this end, the following items should be implemented in the body of your post:
          1. Company title and/or individual representing and offering employment.
          2. Project title.
          3. Description of company or project.
          4. Talent/Position requirements.
          5. Payment.
          6. Contact information.
          7. Whether the position is local only.

Special Note for Paid Posts Only: It is important for the integrity of the forums and the safety of our members that we as moderators are able to clearly tell whether or not you intend to fairly compensate applicants for their work.  If you are unable to provide the above information, or otherwise clearly communicate that you represent a legitimate employer, then please declare in clear (if not explicit) terms what you intend to pay.  While we realize that this may in some contexts be considered unprofessional, please note that it is a last resort but a necessary measure in that case.  If you provide sufficient information regarding your organization or the work you intend to do, then we certainly do not expect nor require you to publicly declare your budget.

Portfolio and Resume/Contact Info
You are not obligated, but are encouaged to be as descriptive as possible. We recommend that you post fewer than ten samples that show your range; this includes pixel art and links to software. Feel free to include the type of work or project you would like to find.

Responding to Posts
While it is recommended that you respond to a post in this section via Private Message, you may reply directly to a thread. This is not an Off-Topic section, so keep your comments relevant. Additionally, posts that are only meant to notify the creator of the thread that you have sent them a message are not allowed.

Member Powers
All members have the power to delete and lock their threads in the Employment section. If you do not want replies to a thread, it's strongly suggested that you lock and suggest PM's instead.

This concludes the guidelines. The staff may modify these guidelines at any time, so be sure to check once in a while.

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