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[PORTFOLIO/AVAILABLE] SeinRuhe's Portfolio!

on: May 20, 2017, 05:57:30 am
[Updated 2021/05/19][YYYY/MM/DD]

Commissions are closed until further notice.

Hello there!

About me:
I'm SeinRuhe, a freelance pixel artist. I've worked mostly doing characters and animations for games. I'm always looking for paid commissions/contract work but currently not taking any.

My portfolio:
A new page will replace my Behance portfolio ( that's really, really, and I mean it, really outdated. This new page is under construction and may take about a month,

If you think my style would be suitable for your project feel free to contact me through:

Discord: SeinRuhe#1500
Twitter: (@seinruhe)

I can also adapt to most styles  ;) !

Also, I'm able to produce tasteful NSFW content.

[NEW] Changelog:

Please read dates as [YYYY/MM/DD]

09/13/2017: Added Vic Rattlehead to character portfolio, uploaded three animations of three different characters done for, also added a 16x16 walk animation of an orc done for a personal project.

04/25/2018: The next characters where added to character portfolio: Skulltula, Zaken, Stormtrooper, Aang, All Might and ALL MIGHT, Kello, Souma and Unipig. Added an Idle and a Walk animation of Kello. Added five more 16x16 monsters. Added a tile example. Added a Big Ass Monster.

05/28/2018: Added myself as part of an illustration for #GymLeaderSona.

07/07/2018: Added the following animations: Kello Run, Kello Jump, Kello Jump Kick, Kello Jump Punch.

01/16/2019: Added 14 new character illustrations under the category "New Characters".

06/01/2020: Added 18 new character illustrations under the category "New Characters". Also added an RPG enemy along with 5 animations under the category "Animations". Added another two background examples. Added a new category "Icons".

2021/05/19: Updated opening texts, added WIP of an illustration to NSFW +18 section.

Examples of my work:

  • Old Characters:

  • New Characters:

  • NSFW +18 Characters:

  • Animations:

  • 16x16 Designs for a personal project:

  • Icons:

  • Some Background Examples:

  • Some Tile Examples:

  • [Bonus] A Big Ass Monster:

  • [Bonus] #GymLeaderSona:

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Re: [PORTFOLIO/AVAILABLE] SeinRuhe's Portfolio!

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