AuthorTopic: [Paid]Pixel Artist that are into Asian Horror / Macabre for a game project  (Read 1682 times)

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I am looking for a Pixel Artist that is extremely familiar with Asian Horror (The Grudge, the Ring, Kairo, One Missed Call and so on) to work for a commercial game project.

I would need the pixel artist to be able to:
  • Create pixel art pieces that are around 70 x 70 ish size. Perspective is Axonometric / Top Down RPG.
  • Can animate horror pieces. If you are familiar with Asian horror, you know exactly what I mean. Contorting poses being an example.
  • Can follow style guides and instructions.
  • Can update weekly on progress.
  • Can submit works at a reasonable amount of time. Nothing like 1 piece per month or every 6 months...
Please give me a gallery/portfolio of animated works. If you can show pieces that can showcase some uncanny effect that would help me a lot.

We can discuss the rates on private message or mail me at Payment is via Paypal and USD.

Cheers and Thank you!