AuthorTopic: Portrait for a mobile game  (Read 10161 times)

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Re: Portrait for a mobile game

Reply #20 on: December 03, 2005, 12:16:14 pm
Pretty shiny forehead :D Looks like it was made of glass and it reflects the window, are you sure you want that? ??? Eyes are better now.
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Re: Portrait for a mobile game

Reply #21 on: December 03, 2005, 10:20:06 pm the topic =) that is a suggestion I made to make the highlight look like an obviously bright highlight AKA specular because the tone clashed with the others too much, so I thought, if it's gonna clash recognize it clashes and make it obvious.

and he went with it =O I didnt expect that at all.

lol...this is great The "W" brooch (ooops heheh) is a perfect compromise, heh you went with everything I said :p  now  I almost feel guilty for telling you what do do XD

BTW, will these be animated or not? you told me something about an emote for Louis where he went kinda nuts...will that be in lower res or with these same portraits...or what?

I like how he looks  at you now...the little cig tho, that is completly getting lost in his moustache, use the lighting to make it stick out and emphasize foreshortening (somewhat like the forearm in the guitar topic) otherwise it will just seem like an oddly white strand of mustache :p
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